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JavaScript building my skills part 1

JavaScript building my skills part 1

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·Jun 22, 2022·

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After completing the Mario game I decided to move on to a javascript project that wasn't a game, so after a bit of research, I had myself a good list of projects. I thought if I work my way through the list each could teach me different things about the javascript language and its functions. Below is a list of projects thought could be useful or interesting. I will cover most in my blog, I may do 2 or 3 each post depending on how long they take. the first tutorials in the undertaking are a typing test and a digital clock. The typing test displays a quote for you to type in the text box, and then tells you how fast you type and how accurate your typing is.

This is the final result: typing test final.png

First I set up a standard HTML, CSS and javascript file. first was the set-up of the HTML code for the text box and the quotes, which is served using an API, something I will be learning in more detail later. some basic CSS to style the page.

typin test html.png

A link for fetching the quotes


then there is the logic for comparing the input to the quote and comparing the accuracy.


typingtest_js4.png And the timer



Digital clock

this is the result I was aiming for:


This clock is more CSS and HTML with a little Javascript.


I tried to get a little clever and started playing around with the code, I tried adding milliseconds and changing the shape. my results were not great.


as you see it's not lined up properly, I will go through the code to find my error and will update on the final result.

In conclusion, I have learnt a few basics of javascript still more to learn, and I need to better my learning methods I will improve my write-ups as I go. all my code will be on my Github repository.

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